Action Plan for Academic Excellence 2016 – 2017

Sl No Assignments Action by   Monitored By  
1 Identification of Slow Learners Subject Teachers Slow learners shall be identified by the Subject Teachers in every class in from the very beginning.  Results of these slow learners shall be analyzed after every FA/UT /SA/TT – Necessary inputs shall be given to the Subject Teachers for improvements. Class VI to IX by the Vice Principal and X to XII by the Principal.
2 Periodical Remedial Action Subject Teachers Weekly periods allotted to all the subject teachers in the afternoon in all classes and the remedial activities are undertaken by the Subject Teachers to the slow learners and the same shall be regularly monitored by the Vice Principal. The remedial activities taken-up by the Subject Teachers shall be recorded in the Register available with the Vice Principal and he will endorse the action taken the teachers concerned.
3 Regular review of progress of Slow Learners Subject Teachers After every FA/UT/SA/TT – the Vice Principal will review the progress of Slow Learners by interacting with the Subject Teachers and the students.  Suitable suggestive measures shall given to the Subject Teachers for improvement of the performance of Slow Learners.
4 Proper coverage of Syllabus as per PAP Subject Teachers A monthly reporting format prepared and monitored by the Vice Principal by the end of every month. Any teacher found lagging behind coverage of syllabus shall arrange for special classes to cover the syllabus on time as per PAP.
5 Revision of lessons Subject Teachers After the coverage of Syllabus, the time in hand shall be utilized by the Subject Teachers to revise the lessons after every examination and the same will be monitored by the Vice Principal.
6 Conduct of Examinations and preparation of Result Analysis Examination Committee This exercise will be personally monitored by the Vice Principal in consultation with the Principal.
7 Review of Examination Results Vice Principal Performance and the progress of the students shall be discussed after every FA/UT/SA/TT in Staff Meeting. Principal will monitor this exercise.
8 Conduct of Improvement Tests Subject Teachers Students failed, if any, should be given the opportunity to appear Improvement Tests. The Subject Teachers will do the needful to conduct the Improvement Tests under the guidelines of the Vice Principal.
9 Special Assistance in Chemistry for Class XII Principal Special Assistance of PGT (Chemistry) will be sought from JNV, Waynad and JNV, Mysore.
10 Intimation of Results to Parents Class Teachers The Report Cards will be after every FA/UT/SA/TT by the Class Teachers and the parents will be briefed of the performance of their ward on the Parents’ visit day.